Auf der Suche nach einem Geschenk?

Ein Workshop Gutschein ist die Idee!

Der erste Workshop unter dem Namen Blümchenliebe ist nun vorbei. Hier könnt ihr nachlesen wie das so war und auch noch etwas anderes, dass euch interessieren könnte...

draw your own story

In my workshops, I'm not just giving you a backpack full of inspo and teach you the painting/lettering skills. I also challenge you to step out, work with others, paint over the borders and have fun doing this. You have a bachelorette party coming up and would like to book me? I'd love to come. You're thinking about joining one of my local workshops or even get a one on one class together with me? No problem at all! Or you have a really nice idea that I didn't even think of yet? Let me hear it! As the dear Swabians say: "To ask doesn't cost anything". And I'd actually am seriously curious what you would come up with!