dare to create

A warm welcome to you, stranger. Are you? Warm? No, I mean, are you a stranger to me? Do we know each other? I think we probably don't... but I have a feeling, we have something in common. That little something what gives wings to our heart and makes the sun inside us shine bright. Am I right? No? Well, then I think you're wrong here. What I share on this page is exactly this. It's adventurous, sometimes crazy, romantic, heart warming and could even cause the one or the other some tears. Yes, you're reading very well. This is my colourlovestory. I'll put all words I know into this keyboard, to share my world with you. But more than that, I will do even more to motivate you. Not to be like me, of course not, but to be yourself.  What my aim is and what all this here is about, is you. You and what you're able to create. I help you, finding out what you're capable of. I dare you to draw, I dare you to write, I dare you ... I dare you to create. Dare. Find your own colourlovestory. 

I honestly can't wait to get on this journey together with you. We are no strangers, we're creators.